We pay for these services. We deserve to receive trash pick up as well as recycling services on a regular basis; libraries and parks should be consistently available, all city regulatory offices need to respond in a timely manner.

I will always support our first responders who need the best technology and state of the art equipment. Nothing is more important than protecting Houston families and businesses. Safe streets is the hallmark of a good city. Smarter, better funding should put more police and firefighters on Houston streets.

Three major floods in five years and Houston was not prepared. Our aging infrastructure needs improvement thru better planning. Cutting thru red tape of the city bureaucracy; worst hit areas should get first funding and attention.

I will fight for zero based budgeting. Houston spends too much and needs to live within its means, just as any family and business does.  On city council, I will rein in the fiscal issues hurting our city – debt, spending and taxes.

I will also be your voice for stronger transparency in city spending.

We need a new perspective at City Hall. Government exists to serve the people, not the other way around. I will fight for transparency.

Houston has over six thousand homeless individuals, including women and children. I believe there is a realistic and compassionate way to deal with the homeless in our city on any given day.

Houston has been identified as a hub for sex trafficking and this criminal activity is hiding in plain site. I will work to strengthen our law enforcement agencies to rid our city of the sex trade and prosecute those responsible.