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I want to be your voice on Houston City Council for fiscal responsibility, strong support for our first responders, consistent delivery of your city services and much more.

I am a product of District C.  I’ve seen the best and the worst. I’m going to be a champion for more of the best in District C. I grew up in Meyerland, lived in Montrose and now Braes Heights for thirty years. I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother. I am active in my church community, my neighborhood and the political community. I am a retired entrepreneur. I launched and ran a small successful business for years. I served hundreds of clients and raised millions of dollars for charities for more than 25 years.

Houston City Council needs strong leaders. My experience in the business world as well as in the Houston community have prepared me well for City Council. I am a hard worker and have a lifetime of experience finding solutions and solving tough problems. Taking what I have learned in business, serving on numerous boards and raising a family, I know I can bring common sense solutions to Houston’s problems.

I am also an outsider. Sometimes working outside the box brings the best results. Solutions for Houston’s future lie in recognizing and building on our strengths and minimizing our weaknesses.

I welcome your support to be the next Council Member for District C. Thank you!

Mary Jane Smith